About us

Just like a goldsmith transforms raw metal into beautiful and precious jewellery,  we the Lingosmiths, take immense pride and pleasure in making you precious in the global market by improving your language skills.

Curious to know who we are?

Lingosmith Language Institute is a language institute located in Pune that provides foreign language training. We perfectly understand how important it has become to know a foreign language in the world of globalization. Hence, we give you the perfect training for reading, writing, speaking and listening a foreign language that will help you go a long way in your career. We prepare the students for international exams like DELF (French), MMB exams (German) & DELE (Spanish) for all the six levels.
The training is provided by well trained teachers who employ modern teaching technics. The classroom is not merely a classroom, in the traditional sense of the term, but a place to have fun and yet learn a great deal.



Classroom learning

These batches are conducted at our institute at Sinhagad Road, Pune. This is our only branch.

(The languages we offer are : German, French & Spanish)


Our E-classes are very similar to our regular classroom batches with the only convenience that the lecture is conducted online. So all you need is some time and a good internet connection. Needless to say that since it is online, location is no bar.

(The languages we offer are : German, French & Spanish)

Learn Online at your convenience

These courses are designed for students with specific objectives. They are ideal for those who are learning it as a hobby or for travel purposes. If you want to attempt language learning just to see how interesting it is, we absolutely recommend these courses.

The biggest advantage of these courses is that they are short, extremely cost-effective and convenient. Considering today’s fast paced life, you can take up this course according to your convenience. Our online teaching modules give you the flexibility to learn and practice at any time and anywhere. The explanatory videos are coupled with ample practice exercises and quiz.

The languages we offer are:




* Not all courses are offered for all the languages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Regarding classroom classes
Which levels are taught at your institute?

We teach all the six levels (A1-C2) in German, French and Spanish at our institute.

How much time is required to complete all the six levels?

It takes approximately 3 years to complete all the six levels.

Is it mandatory to do all the six levels?

No, it is not mandatory to do all the six levels. It is upto your wish and your requirement how many levels you want to complete.

What are the batch timings?

Batch timings vary from every batch. If you want to more about it please write to is at lingo.smith@outlook.com

What is the fee structure?

To refer to the fee structure please click here

What is the registration process for classroom courses?

In order to join our classroom courses, you have to write to lingo.smith@outlook.com or call at 9545554746. Once the batch timings are decided, we will send you a registration form. You have fill the form and send it to us and pay the fees by NEFT, Gpay or by cheque. It’s that simple and you are ready to join the class.

Regarding e-classes
What is the difference between classroom teaching and E-classes?

E-classes are conducted online on a video call. Hence, location is no bar and they save a lot of travel time. However, the teaching method, material is the same. It is a class conducted by a trainer like classroom courses.

What is the fee structure?

To refer to the fee structure please click here.

What is the registration process for the E-classes?

In order to join E-classes, you have to write to lingo.smith@outlook.com or call at 9545554746. Once the batch timings are decided, we will send you a registration form. You have fill the form and send it to us and pay the fees by NEFT or Gpay. Subsequently you will receive the log in credentials to join the class.

Regarding Online Courses
Who are we?

We are a Language Institute located in Pune. We offer courses in French, German, Spanish.

How to choose a course from the courses available?

All our courses are objective specific i.e every course is designed with a particular objective. You can find this information in the description of every course along with other details such as course content, syllabus, etc. Moreover, we have also mentioned for whom is the respective course designed. All these details will give you an idea as to which one to choose.

For whom are the online courses?

The online courses are for anyone who wants to learn a language as a hobby or are looking for some more explanations/practice while they are learning it elsewhere (in schools, colleges, etc.). They are also ideal for those who have learnt the language before but have lost the touch now.
If you don’t have time to travel to class or want to do something productive in your free time or while travelling, they are a great option.

How do I pay for the course?

The payment has to be made by NEFT or Gpay to the account given on our portal.

How do I get the course content?

The course content will be made available to you on our website. After your payment confirmation you will receive log in credentials within 24 hours with which you can access the course content anytime and from anywhere.

What is unique about this course?

While there are several online videos online to learn a foreign language, they do not always provide exercises and vocabulary lists along with the video. We provide the entire course content which includes videos with an explanation in English and pronounciaton practice of the words and phrases that you’ve learnt in that video, quiz to test your understanding of the topic, Word documents with a lot of exercises along with the answer key and a recapitulative vocabulary list at the end of every unit.

The videos that we provide are of a very short duration so that you can listen to it again and again and practice your pronounciation. This will enable you to concentrate better and you can learn quickly while taking your evening snack or while waiting for your bus or while going to bed every night.

We will also give you guidelines wherever necessary about how to go about the course.

Our speciality is that we offer unlimited doubt solving. You can ask us any many doubts you have related to the course content by mail. We will clear all your doubts. You can mail us your doubts at lingo.smith@outlook.com and we will get back to you. When you pen your doubt, please be very specific and clear so that we can clear it at the earliest. Please note that when you write your doubts to us, please mention Query in the subject line.

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